Andy Carter As the Carter in Carter Holmes I have been working with Lisa for over 7 years. I originally worked with Lisa as a consultant helping deliver elements of a very large infrastructure to support mobile Diagnostic Services. Having always been interested in technology – even before the Sinclair ZX80 (Google it, you will be amazed) – I am fortunate that I spend my time helping businesses and people get the best out of their technology. As a translator (turning business speak into IT speak and vice versa) and an optimiser (getting technology to work better for people and people to work better with technology) I spend most of my time with people. I strive to understand what is needed, spending time with senior managers to understand the business goals, and users to understand how technology can help them in their day-to-day work. Then it’s time to put a strategy in place, design and deliver the infrastructure and migrate users on to it, not forgetting all their data and applications. A good job is a system that not only works but is used, and all with a minimum of disruption to the business and users alike. Keeping my life balance are my wife, Sharon, my son Michael (a budding artist – and we thank him for being kind with our pictures), and daughters Emily (Street Fit Instructor and Dancer), and Issy (enjoying school and being 10 – nearly 11). I help at Issy’s school, fund raising and at Forest School – thirty 8-year-olds in a forest, what energy! I organise the arena events at the annual charity Woodmancote May Day Fete, and an proud to be a Trustee and Director of Art Shape, an amazing charity -

Lisa Holmes I’m the Holmes in Carter Holmes. My days are very varied but most of the work I do for Carter Holmes is leading large and small scale health-care projects, bids and consultancy for the company. We cover a lot of ground and expertise between us, but one thing is sure we are very lucky to be in the position that we are with our clients who trust us to advise and lead them through some very difficult scenarios. That may be an entire new IT strategy for a new health-care organisation or delivery arm to service a large government procurement, to practical advice and how to deliver a compliant infrastructure to meet legal standards or how to build a team to deliver a lot with very little. We do a lot of R&D and networking to find the best solutions for our clients, so I get to meet some really amazing people and hear and see their ideas, which is just fantastic. We like to think outside of the box. I’m lucky to love what I do, but the first loves of my life are my family (Joe, my lovely ten year old son; Jimmy my awesome husband) , dancing (yeah, I’m the embarrassing one who’s always first on the dance floor), cricket (playing, watching, making-the-teas-for) and playing netball for the Black Panthers (Go Girls!)


Emily Carter My job changes from day to day. One day I am preparing invoices and finances; talking to our Accountant; making sure everyone is paid on time; next I am creating and documenting business processes and preparing IGSoC applications; with Project Managing small projects for good measure. My most difficult task is keeping everyone organised, in the right places at the right time and with the right information. My day is busy, so to (escape / relax) I do a lot of dancing outside of work and am now even a qualified Street Fit instructor.

Stewart McNaughton As part of the Carter Holmes family I deal with the technical configurations/queries and guidance for ongoing and current projects as well as future projects. A large part of my role is configuring server hardware and Operating Systems, we have a CH test network that we can test most network configurations for Operating Systems & Domains. As well as server hardware I also configure other network related hardware like network Switches & Routers and other network related equipment if needed for a projects. Outside of work I spend my time going to the gym 3-4 times a week and when not at the gym I spend my time with my family.